1. If you spend enough time around someone, they’re going to irritate you, no matter who they are.
2. Every relationship is a two-person relationship.
3. The most important person, to anyone, is him/herself.
4. The greatest contribution we can make to ourselves is to contribute something to someone else.
5. In the big things we’re all the same. It’s the little things that cause the problems.
6. Nobody wants to be a jerk.
7. Even people with bad attitudes don’t like people with bad attitudes.
8. The greatest reward for doing something worthwhile is the opportunity to do more.
9. It’s better to know of a great person than to know a great person; for to know of a great person is to be encouraged by his/her strengths and contributions; while to know the great person may be to be discouraged by his/her short-comings and failures.
10. It’s important, for most people, to be thought of highly by others, even sometimes by those of whom we don’t think highly.
11. No one ever does anything, except for him/herself.
12. Conflict, in relationships, is inevitable but resolvable.
13. We have the innate ability to get along with ourselves, but we must work at getting along with others.
14. We spend so much time trying to change others, whom we cannot change, and so little time trying to change ourselves, whom we can.
15. Everyone can do something but no one can do everything.
16. In productive relationships, either everyone wins or no one does.
17. Pleasure is conditioned by contrast.
18. As the flame of emotion grows brighter, the light of reason dims.
19. The past is to learn from, not to live in.
20. When we have a problem, we should look for a solution, not for someone to blame.
21. When we deal from a position of strength, we draw others up. When from a position of weakness, we pull others down.
22. We reinforce what we reward.
23. What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.
24. Every decision involving people is a judgment decision.
25. The only thing you know for sure is that you never know for sure.