Management is the responsibility for the optimal use of resources.
That means Everyone is a Manager because each of us has the responsibility for the effective use of at least one resource...ourselves. It means that you have the responsibility for the optimal use of the most important resource in your world...YOU! Beyond that, we have the responsibility to manage each of the resources that impact us. These may include home, work, social life and the list goes on and on.

73 MAGIC MANAGEMENT WORDS is not a book to be read as a novel. It is intended as a reference to be referred to as a need arises. A reader of the book once said, "I have never had an issue come up for which one or more of the MMWs didn't provide some insight."

In a sense, the MMWs are intended to be an internal synergism for the reader.
A synergism occurs when two or more people gather to "brainstorm" an idea with the intention of developing the best concept for an issue, or determine the best solution to a problem. Because there are several minds involved, the ultimate resolution can be expected to be better than if just one person were addressing the issue alone. So can it be with MMWs. The reader can refer to one or more relevant MMWs, which will stimulate ideas and insights, providing additional thought processes from which to arrive at better solutions or provide superior answers in solving problems.

All in all, the MMWS are intended to stimulate thought processes from which to make better decisions or arrive at better conclusions.

73 Magic Management Words - $14.95
Paperback  |   147 pages |   ISBN 0-9622355-0-4

This book is is a refinement of Everett Christensen's original work from 1981 called 50 Magic Management Words and proves that, to paraphrase another of his chapters, “He is learning from the past and not living in it.” Although management is in the title, this book is a must-read for everyone, whether they are in management or even in the workforce.

Ken Pyle
Managing Editor
Santa Clara, California