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60 - 40 OR FIGHT is a book about happiness...a peripheral concept based on successful relationships. No one wanders around the street looking for happiness. It's a welcome concept that creeps into our lives when we do things the right way for ourselves and others.

The 60-40 notion comes from the identification that all relationships are two-person relationships. The 60 suggests that, for a relationship to work one of the two must take more than half the responsibility for the relationship's success. The 40, that the other person, in the relationship, must take some responsibility too, though it can be less than half. A relationship, in which one person takes all the responsibility, and the other none, will not be productive because, "If you give someone something for nothing, that's usually what it's worth."

What happens in a truly viable relationship is that both parties will take, consciously or subconsciously, more than half the responsibility to make the relationship productive. Then the overlap of consideration and understanding
will provide a "Comfort Zone" so that when one of the parties errs in consideration, the other will be forgiving and understanding.

The 25 Postulates on which this book is based, are intended as frames of reference, to help the reader become skilled in the understanding and utilization of concepts which will help develop and exhibit the efforts necessary, to take on more than half the responsibility to make a relationship work.

Since rhymes and sayings tend to facilitate memory, the author suggest the following as a framework for both parties to consider in developing and maintaining a successful and HAPPY relationship.

If you want to be HAPPY, think (or say) this often...and mean it, too!!
Not "What can you do for me?" But "What can I do for you?!"
60-40 OR FIGHT - $14.95
Paperback  |   147 pagesĀ  |   ISBN 978-0-9753481-1-6
60-40 Or Fight, by Everett M. Christensen, was selected to receive the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award from The North American Bookdealers Exchange. The award was presented to 33 authors, in 15 different categories, from among more than 500 books submitted. The book was listed first, overall, and first, among six winners, in the SELF HELP category. It is based on 25 Postulates that suggest how to make just about any relationship successful, if that's what is desired.