Christensen has a BA in Economics and an MA in Industrial Psychology. He has published four books on Management, one of which was a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award winner in the non-fiction category.

Included in his list of business experiences, Christensen has been Personnel Specialist, a College Recruiter, and instructor in Supervisory development, a Vice President of Human Resources, a Senior Vice President of Administration in a major financial institution, a college instructor at the undergraduate level, a Professor of Management at two graduate school programs and the owner of several businesses.

Some years ago, Christensen moved to the small Midwestern community of Madelia, MN to become President of the Madelia Telephone Company (now Christensen Communications Company). Later, he built Cable TV in the community and then purchased the Telephone Company. In a subsequent year, he purchased and reopened the local movie theater which had been closed for five years and then purchased the local newspaper when it was about to leave town. Christensen has since sold the Cable TV Company and the newspaper but continues as CEO of Christensen Communications Company which provides state-of-the-art telecommunications services locally, and in an expanding surrounding area.

The Company slogan is “Where Service Is Our Most Important Product.” Christensen believes, as he has written in his books, that “The Greatest Contribution We Can Make to Ourselves is to Contribute Something to Someone Else.

Christensen Communications is a member of NTCA THE RURAL BROADBAND ASSOCIATION and the Minnesota Telecom Alliance.